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Shora Lighting System


Version: 1.8.4

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ShoraLightingSystem, written in JavaScript, is a plug-in developed by Shora to provide dynamic lighting to RPG Maker MV/MZ engine, intended to be easiest to start and most flexible when advanced! 


This is my first graphics plugin for RPG Maker MV/MZ, began developed since 3/2020. After lots of failure in quality and performance, now I can finally, introduce to you, Shora Lighting Plugin, with real-time dynamic shadow and lighting. It have been optimized heavily to focus in quality, performance, and flexibility.


- Create your base lights from plugin manager. Then you can use these lights note-tags or event's comment, with or without additional parameters to override your default settings. GUI Editor in development.

- Two type of lights: Character Lighting and Custom Lighting. The event lighting automatically follow character (event, player etc.) position, and direction if you specified it to.

- Every light have it own ids, and you can use them for dynamically animate your lighting, like its offset, radius, angle, and color, using plugin command / script call. You can also turning it and its shadow on/off dynamically too.

- Ultra 2.5D shadow is implemented, and give you most flexibility over it settings. It tend to create best visually correct shadow as possible, while still easy to use for beginner and flexible to use for advanced. GUI Editor in development.

- Intensity lighting filter and soft shadow filter already implemented, create the best quality for both lighting and shadow. You can easily enable/disable and change their settings in the plugin manager or dynamically though command / script.

- More are waiting for you to be discovered!

If you're interested in this plugin, you can find more information about it in the forums post! :3.

If you want to support me, I would suggest using PayPal instead of itch.io :>.

The plugin in the demo folder is maybe the outdated version (if the demo version not match the source code version). Please download the source code and override the old one.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tagsdynamic, lights, mapping, plugin, RPG Maker, Shadows


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The data in demo seems to be corrupted. If you could please re-upload the file, it would be much appreciated.

I love this, is it getting an update?


The download says its for 1.8.4, but once downloaded the js file says it's 1.8.3 -- is that a typo, or is the download not updated yet?

Giàu :(


Is there a command to turn off the plugin on a map?

Hi, when I try to run the game with other plugins,  I get "update" property error.

Here is the plugin-list I am using. It seems to give the above error when the "CMGZ_TitleSystem" plugin is enabled. Is it the plugin incompatibility or something that I have missed. The "CMGZ_TitleSystem" plugin allows me to run a map in the titles screen.

Thank you for your help.

Hello, again.

How do I register a custom light in MZ?

I'm trying to use it but the plug in keep saying that the custom light is not registered. 

I'm setting like: Ref [name] -> Value [test] and Image [.png] -> Value default on plug in manager.

Then, on the event, I set Comment : [light test].

When I start de game, It shows "Cannot find light named [test]. Please register lightning before use"

I'm really doing something wrong, aren't I?



Can you use the default lighting normally?

Be sure that in the Ref [name]: section is "test" without quotes. Also I strongly recommend to use the newest comment syntax: [<light_name> -<setting_name> <value> ...], by this you can freely override any default settings as you want for individual light. For example, if you just want to modify the light  "test" radius and status, use [test -radius 120 -status off] instead of create a new custom light. 

Also be sure that the image are properly located in /img/lights/, you can check this by double click on the Image [.png] setting and see if it show the image.



Yeah, the custom light is working properly just like the shadows and etc. 

I'll try what you suggested. 

Thank you  :)


i keep getting a type error on game launch " Cannot read property 'valid' null" whenever the starting map has a light


Hello, can you describe more details about the situation? What others plugins are you using with? 

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 I ended up resolving the issue on my own.

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I have the same issue. How did you fix it?

*edit: I fixed it that way: enter in the plug in manager -> right click on '-ShoraLightning-' -> Edit -> double click on [Lights: Default] -> Double click on Image [.png] -> click on the bar before 'img/lights/' -> select 'default' (the light png example image) -> click 'ok' and that's it! 

require is not defined

Mobile devices  =\


Check out the version 1.8.2

Hey there! absolutely loving the plugin so far! Got into a bit of a hiccup though.

 I was controlling the light my player held through a common event in MZ, and i needed to change the color parameter for the light, but every time I change it (i did use hex) it would switch the light off. Plus the random color parameter wouldn't work in common events, it just goes to white. Is there something I am missing?

The tint parameter bug have been fixed in version 1.8.1 :D. Update the plugin and see if it work!

Hi! Just checked and the tinting works! Thank you so much!

*P.S The Random tint in the parameter is still funky because it seems to switch off the lights. The hex tints are working beautifully though!

Hi, how do I properly update the plugin? I'm getting a "cannot read property of null" error when I try to use 1.6 after using 1.5.

Hello, most bugs from plugin update is because of the new parameters in the Plugin Manager left blanked. You can try to check if there any. If the problem still insist, please provide the console image, and contact me though forums/discord, I will try my best to help :D

Try change the line 1110 to "this._spriteset.filters && this._spriteset.filters[1]" instead of "this._spriteset.filters[1]"

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Hi. Is it possible to use with this plugins?:

MZ3D - 3D Rendering Plugin for RPG Maker MZ by Cutievirus (itch.io)



Hey. I doubt if it going to work with MZ3D, since both are conflict in term of graphics. The JABS should work fine! Give it a try, and report back if anything don't work!

I love this tool. When is the next update coming?

The 1.4b version are out here, check it out!

Thank you very much!